Soft Genuine Leather Dog Basket Muzzle #109 Brown - Boxer, Bulldog (Circumf 13", Snout Length 3.5")

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This high ventilation quality muzzle can be very useful in many situations and everyday use - visits to a vet, traveling, off-leash walks, preventing eating off the ground, yet allow for panting and drinking, providing the ultimate in comfort and safety for both the dog and owner or trainer. Well-fitting, light weight, soft and comfortable yet strong and durable. Safe and non-toxic. The straps are adjustable and won't stretch. Please measure snout circumference and length for fit.

  • Well-ventilated, light and durable.
  • This size generally most suitable for Boxer, English Bulldog
  • Well-fitting, comfortable muzzle is made of high quality genuine leather, riveted for extra strength.
  • Dog snout measurements: circumference 13", length - 3.5".
  • Adjustable leather straps wouldn't stretch.