Martingale Genuine Leather Dog Collar Choker Medium to Large 16"-19" Neck Pitbull, Amstaff, Doberman

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The beauty of real leather - soft, strong, durable, and light. For proper size please measure the circumference of dog's neck and make sure it is not less than "closed" measurement. Also make sure you choose a size (open position) that will fit over the dogs head. This collar does not damage the fur and also known for gentle choke action over the choke chain it is ideal for dogs who do not make any problems in walking.

  • Soft, strong, durable, and light.
  • 1Collars are measured 19" all the way open, it measures 16" in closed position
  • Made of high quality leather and chrome plated steel for durability and resistance to rust and tarnishing
  • Width: 5/8". Trimmed with thick waxed thread.
  • Will fit 16"- 19" neck - Please measure dog's neck before you order