KW EAR CLEANER W/ALOE VERA 100 ML for dogs and cats

KW Dog- & Cat Products


  • Made in Denmark by KW Dog- & Cat Products. Size: 3oz (100 ML)
  • For dogs and cats with sensitive ears. Safe and gentle cleanser.
  • Unique cleaning solution that effectively and painlessly removes dirt and ear wax
  • Loosens effectively ear wax.
  • Do not apply treatment if ears are swollen or red. Seek veterinary help

Drop 5-10 drops KW Ear in the ear canal, and gently massage the ear base of the ear as needed. Turn head slightly and rub the loose ear wax out of the ear canal, or let the dog or the cat shake it out. Visible ear wax should be carefully removed, possibly with a cotton swab. Take one ear at a time.

In case of heavy soiling, the process can be repeated.

Treatment should not be done if swelling or redness in the ear canal. Seek veterinary help.